Clubtail Asterism
Welcome to the Universe of Possibilities

Let me take you to a journey
No matter do you prefer to dwell deep into the past or travel towards the future, some vehicle can be found between my pages.
The goal is survival but means must always be honourable, as much as circumstances allow.
Dive in Clubtail Asterism with me.
Who knows, maybe you’ll find something your heart desires.

A Sci-Fi about dragons on space ships.
Space Ships are made of pieces of Earth. On them life goes on in a traditional fashion of Earth’s customs.
The distracting factor are dragons, bio-engineered machines that are drilling to the planet’s core.
Allirea is a girl who gets kidnapped by a dragon. Bayani sets out to save her. 
History is entwined with changing rules of engagement.
To be different, outside of acceptable borders, you must find a way to value yourself even when the outer world isn’t valuing you.
Get off the train on the station in South Carolina just before the Civil War begins.
Your conductor is Belva Durant, a conductor on the railroad towards freedom.
She falls in the darkest pattern that surrounds Josephine Gaillard.
Will they be able to prevail in the world that wants nothing more but to punish them?