Star Vestige
New Roads are Built on Old Ones

Let me take you to a journey
No matter do you prefer to dive deep into the past or travel towards the future, some vehicles can be found between these pages. Our goal is survival but means must always be honourable, as much as circumstances allow. Drive through Star Vestige with me.
Dragons are dangerous beings. It’s not smart to confide them to space ships. Board the ship on Kalisto One and witness the challenges of co-existing.
Dragons are exercising restraint.
Humans are battling a strange disease.
Allirea walks between them discovering the key to bridge the gap between them.
Get off the train on the station in South Carolina just before the Civil War begins.
Your conductor is Belva Durant, a conductor on the railroad towards freedom.
She falls in the darkest pattern that surrounds Josephine Gaillard.
Will they be able to prevail in the world that wants nothing more but to punish them?

Clubtail Asterism
A Universe Divided in Five Pieces
Mesial Canvas
Where all things begin. Earth, the cradle of humanity.
Dextrous Pinion
The First (and Approved) Outpost of Exported Humanity.
Sinistral Kettle
The Second (but not approved) Iteration of Human-like Experience
Kingpin Ether
The Third (and mostly secret) Variation of Possibilities
Terminus Scripture
The Creatures (created by Not-So-Divine-Intervention), Once When They Come to Fruition, Consider Themselves Worthy of Life.