Clubtail Asterism
Everything has an origin. For books, that is the mind of the writer.

Riva Zmajoki
Her first story was created when she was six years old. It involved flying horses, princes and princesses and they all lived happily ever after.
Stories have evolved still and flying horses are still waiting to appear somewhere between written pages.

An Author
A Croatian Writer that publishes short stories since 2005 and has over 30 titles under her belt.
Since 2011 she plays with English language.
In 2019, she made official her affair with English language and published two novels and a publication to Amazon.
A Mother
A Mother of two.
That defined me more than expected. Now every word I write is stolen between meals and walks.
A Philosopher
In 2007, she graduated Philosophy and Sociology.
Although she might not be the best in that world, she still has a habit of creating opinions.
Those will be collected from time to time and displayed for your judgement.

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