Clubtail Asterism
The Location

A World Divided into Five Pieces
Mesial Canvas – a place where everything begins. History is forged on its paintings.
Dextreous Pinion – the first approved outpost of expanded human race
Sinistral Kettle – the second, but not approved, iteration of human-like experience.
Kingpin Ether – the third, and mostly secret, variation of possibilities
Terminus Scripture – where all good things go to die

Mesial Canvas
Stories that will fit in Darkest Pattern
but also ones that will find brighter tiles.
Dextrous Pinion
Stories that will engage space ships to bounce around the Outer Planets.
Watch out, coming soon…
Sinistral Kettle
A Schism divided human race into two different branches of choices.
Watch out for those who rebelled against the established order hidden in Sinistral Kettle
Kingpin Ether
Reality is what we believe it to be.
What shapes our perception we percieve as real.
For people trapped in Kingpin Ether, their troubles are just as real and painful as yours or mine.
Follow them as they try to find destinies worth living.
Terminus Scripture
Destinies can be stolen and reshaped by intervention that is anything but divine.
No matter of the origin of all beings, once they enter life they will consider themselves worthy of life.
Still, a purpose will have to be found.

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